Innovate Digitally

Add a new innovative FinTech product to your business to compete with your competitors.

Increase Revenue

Increase your transaction volume and generate monthly recurring income with your new product.

More Merchants

Acquire more merchants with your new cutting-edge FinTech business.

Now You Can Run Your Own FinTech Business

Start offering more to your merchants.

White-Label Our Product

What We Give You, Fully Branded... Ready To Go

A powerful dashboard which gives you full visibility and control over all of your Merchants. View their payments & stats, create and setup new Merchant accounts, and enable new features and add-ons for your Merchants

Your very own iOS and Android payment app. Your merchants can download your new app to take payment on the move (tap-to-pay), along with sending Payment Requests, creating QR payment codes, and accessing their payment stats and dashboard. We release custom iOS and Android apps under your brand, allowing your merchants to remove all hardware costs.

The main online payment portal link that runs on your URL, which your merchants can use to take payment online, in addition to the app. Your merchants can send their Payment Link(s) with their customers, share via social, or add to their website. Your Merchants can also spin up a quick eCommerce Shop to sell any of their products or services with ease.

Your Merhcants can view and monitor all of their payment activity. They can send Payment Requests, add items to their shop, enable new Add-Ons, add view their stats... all from one powerful dashboard.

Now that you have the latest cutting-edge FinTech product... it's time to tell your Merchants about it. We give you a new promotional website that you can use to showcase your new FinTech offering, so your merchants can not only learn about your new products, but they can also sign up and start the self serve process. Merchants can also download your new app from your new promo website.

White-Label Our Product

Fully Branded & Running On Your URL

Your logo, your style, your url, your product... for your merchants.